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Now Accepting Job Applications For Seasonal Help

Posted by Chris Chandler on

Glass Slipper Formals is looking for part time help in our retail store. Please fill out an  Application, and email it to Or Fill the form out online

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Glass Slipper Formals Collection

Posted by Jeff Warden on

My name is Jeff Warden and I am the head designer at Glass Slipper Formals.  I would like to introduce our designs: Glass Slipper Formals Collection.  This collection of gowns are designed to be worn to represent any time era.  They have a unique and classic design with multi function that allows one you get married in Paris, change the bottom of the gown into a short or hi low matching piece for your reception then change into a sexy pair of jeans for your honeymoon.  Another enticing benefit of our gown is that they will never be discontinued.  So...

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